The best chefs not only know how to 'cook up a real storm' in the kitchen, but also how to make each meal special. They're adaptable, knowledgable and take pride in making every banquet, supper and soiree memorable. If you're a candidate with the relevant culinary skills and experience then please...


Duties include:

  • Preparing all meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals as required.
  • Sourcing all ingredients and taking responsibility for receiving deliveries.
  • Managing and maintaining food stocks in the house/venue and ensuring food is consistently fresh, of the highest quality and properly prepared.
  • Devising innovative, healthy and varied meal plans and menus.
  • Planning and delivering food for larger events and celebrations.
  • Cooking for the family whilst abroad may also be required by some clients in domestic settings.
  • Maintaining the cooking and kitchen areas.

Skills and attributes required:

  • Proven experience, skill and talent in preparing & cooking food and devising menus in luxury hospitality venues or private estates.
  • High level of flexibility in terms of hours worked, depending on the family's needs.
  • Highest levels of cleanliness and attention to health and hygiene practices in the preparation of food.
  • Ability to manage one's time and resources effectively.
  • Ability to manage other staff (where there is a larger cooking team).
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills.
  • Wide knowlege of international food culture, cuisines and dishes.
  • Excellent presentation skills.